9 AM to 2 PM
3 to 4 hours
Difficulty Level

Snow walking is one of those very few activities which sounds so simple but is a lot, lot more. If learning new things with your special ones is what you want, snow-walking is the best bet. You get a whole new experience with snow. It can be done by kids, youngsters and elders alike.

A vacation is successful if, in your heart, you know you did it.

We will go to Sethan Village which is in Hampta Valley by a cab. Then we will trek for 15-20 minutes trek to the ski point where we will then start snowboarding.

A guide will be present at all times for your safety and will instruct you how to wear shoes and snow-walk and then will teach you. After learning the basics, you can snow-walk for as long as you want till the evening.

REACH 9 AM to 2 PM
WE WILL PROVIDE Certified instructor
Snow Walking equipment
Snow Walking sticks
Snow Walking shoes
WEAR Shorts or Comfortable Trousers and sports shoes
DURATION 3 to 4 hours (can be extended for free)
AGE 8 years and above
NOT SUITABLE FOR Asthma patients
Blood pressure patients
Heart problem patients
Pregnant woman
COST 1 person – Rs. 3500 per person
2 persons – Rs. 2500 per person
3 persons or more  – Rs. 2000 per personPickup and Drop from Hotel to Snowwalking point and back to Hotel: Rs. 3000 for a cab which can accommodate upto 3 persons.



A walk of 15-20 minutes from Sethan village

Snow Walking manali