9 AM to 2 PM
3 to 4 hours
Difficulty Level

Skiing is the most loved sport both among the locals and the visitors. The adventurers like it all the more!

You have heard about it, thought about it or maybe, even have seen it here and there. And now, I want you to imagine. Imagine its all snow, everywhere, as far as you can see. Imagine gliding through the snow. Imagine the high-rising mountains. That cheerful atmosphere. That peace. That, yes, that, that sport is called SKIING.

We will go to Sethan Village which is in Hampta Valley by a cab. Then we will trek for 15-20 minutes trek to the ski point where we will then start skiing.

A guide will be present at all times for your safety and will instruct you how to wear shoes and skis and then will teach you. After learning the basics, you can ski for as long as you want till the evening.

REACH 9 AM to 2 PM
WE WILL PROVIDE Certified instructor
 Ski equipment
 Ski sticks
 Ski shoes
WEAR Shorts or Comfortable Trousers and sports shoes
DURATION 3 to 4 hours (can be extended for free)
AGE 8 years and above
NOT SUITABLE FOR Asthma patients
Blood pressure patients
Heart problem patients
Pregnant woman
COST 1 person – Rs. 3500 per person
2 persons – Rs. 2500 per person
3 persons or more  – Rs. 2000 per personPickup and Drop from Hotel to Ski point and back to Hotel: Rs. 3000 for a cab which can accommodate upto 3 persons.



A walk of 15-20 minutes from Sethan village

Skiing Manali