9 AM to 2 PM
2 hours
Difficulty Level

Rock climbing and rappelling is one of those adventure activities where you learn new things and lots of skills.

Rock climbing is basically climbing up across natural rock formations by the means of a rope and other safety equipments while rappelling is coming down the rock by the same rope. Most people find rappelling not just the most thrilling part but also the most beautiful part (Manali is a home of nature’s beauty!)

Hanging on a rope is not something that people consider exciting, you’ve got to have guts for that!

Rock climbing and rappelling is largely an unexplored delight that satiates the soul of travellers seeking adventure and enjoy a little time of  solitude in the distant and quiet mountains.

There is also a 10 minute trek included to reach that rock.
The general duration of rock climbing is 2 hours but at Huntfactor, we can increase its duration without any extra cost.
Beginners will learn about the basics of rock climbing. If you’ve already learnt the basics, we have advanced rock climbing and rappelling for you.

You will always be under the strict supervision of our certified instructers.

REACH Between 9 AM and 2 PM
WE WILL PROVIDE A brief instruction
Rock climbing gear
Seat harness
Rock climbing shoes
WEAR Comfortable Clothes
DURATION 2 hours (can be increased for free)
AGE 6 years and above
ALSO INCLUDED 10 minutes trek to the rock
NOT SUITABLE FOR Asthma patients
Blood pressure patients
Heart problem patients
Joint ache patients
Pregnant woman
COST 1 person – Rs. 2200 per person
2 persons – Rs. 1500 per person
3 persons or more  – Rs. 1200 per person


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