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The beautiful Manali. Paragliding and many more adventure activities are done in Solang Valley.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass. Full of snow, mountains and greenery. Needs a Permit from the Government. You can get it through Huntfactor Adventures.

You take home the STORY of Rohtang Pass…

Rohtang Pass is probably the most famous part of Manali. The long winding roads aren’t really an attraction but the beauty and the real feel of Manali is here, just this place. The snow play is enjoyed best here. Reliable sources tell us that every year, the roads get damaged due to snow and rough weather. And, every year, the roads are reconstructed. That is the reason one cannot get permit all year round.

To get a permit for Rohtang Pass, you may contact the government organisers or simply contact Huntfactor Adventures. Those who visit in the non-snowy months, also find this place beautiful. The icy-chills the cold winds are sure to blow away your mind and soothen your soul.

To get your permit, contact huntfactor.com

To know more detailed info about the Rohtang Pass permit, click http://www.huntfactor.com/blog/read-this-before-going-to-rohtang-pass

Solang Valley

Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. Adventure Sports like Skiing, Paragliding, Snowboarding, Helicopter ride, Snow Scooter, Tyre ride are all very famous here.

Solang…the Adventure Hub

Rohtang and Solang. Sounds like brothers, maybe sisters, who knows! And of course, like every siblings, they too have huge differences.

Solang is the most famous place for all types of adventure activities. It starts with paragliding, which you can spot even before you have reached. Then, you laugh at the couples doing tyre ride and imagine yourself in that place. Further ahead, skiing and snowboarding sounds fun. The helicopter ride too seems enticing.

For fun and safe adventure activities, visit huntfactor.com

It is a beautiful place for all nature lovers, socializers, peace seekers, and definitely for honeymooners.

Vashisht Hot Water Spring

Vashisht hot water spring, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

It’s cold outside. Let’s just remain in the hot waters…

Vashisht Spring are known for its hot water baths. This water passes through large sulphur beds and thus become naturally hot (even when its freezing cold outside). These waters are also said to have natural healing powers. The temperature of the water varies from 110 to 123 Fahrenheit. It takes a little time for some people to adjust to it, and that’s okay. You’re here for a bath not a race…

There are seperate bathroooms for men and women. And they enter the ‘kund’ wearing only their underwears. Here you are what everyone else is. Just a human. Taking a bath. As simple as that.

The story of this place revolves around a ‘muni’ named Vashisht. There are also temples located inside which you can enter only once you’ve cleaned yourselves in the holy waters.

There are also a few treks which either start here or go through Vashisht. You can find  lot of locals here too.

Hadimba Devi Temple (Trekking Optional)

hadimba/ Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

The most famous temple in Manali !

Hadimba Devi is considered of high regard in Manali. The pagoda shaped temple is one of the most famous temples in Manali. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that she was considered a ‘Rakshasi’. She is the wife of Bheem from Mahabharat.

You can reach there by an auto or go trekking through the stairs.

TREK :  The road to the temple in slightly steep and has a good number of stairs.
But in the end, its all worthwhile between the tall deodar trees, it proves to be a perfect place for perfect photos. You are sure to encounter many couples walking barefoot on the road to Hadimba Devi Temple to seek her blessings.

Read more about Hadimba Devi Temple here.

Old Manali

The beautiful old Manali. Less visited and less crowded by tourists. Best cafes of Manali are all in Old Manali

Lots of ‘hippies’ ! So many good cafes!

Old Manali is very different from the rest of Manali. It a place where people like live by themselves. A lot of foreigners too live there. I guess, they enjoy the serene beauty and good food the most.

The most famous cafes include The Lazy Dog, Drifter’s Inn and Cafe 1947.

Jogini Waterfalls (Trekking Optional)

trek to Jogini Waterfalls manali

A gentle trek for newbies to bond over.

It is a nice, gentle trek for beginners and is usually completed in half a day program. Trekkers are offered both local scenic beauty and tourist spots, all at once.

The trek begins from the well-famed Vashisht temple, where if you wish, you can have a quick bath. At the base of the Jogni Waterfall, visit the Jogini (also spelt Yogini) Mata temple there.
The majestic landscapes and commanding views appear to transcend human thoughts into a dreamlike state.

To know more about Jogini trek, click here. http://www.huntfactor.com/tours/day-trek-to-jogni-falls

Trek to Patalsu Peak

patalsu peak manali trek

Test your fitness, get a reward !

Walk through the forest trails and indigenous birds.

You will also come across a few villages where you get to see the lives of ‘Pahadi’ people. This trek will prove to be a refreshing experience for your mind and soul. The excitement will continue to stay for days, and memories, forever.

This trek requires good physical fitness and is not meant for beginners.

To know more or to book your Patalsu trek, click here. http://www.huntfactor.com/tours/day-trek-to-patalsu-peak


Broad daylight
River Rafting is done during the daylight hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Spare set of clothes are very important
Since there’s a good chance that you’ll get wet, river rafting when the Sun is high up in the sky seems reasonable, otherwise, you’ll feel cold in wet clothes.


Advisably, you should not take your own camera due to the risk of losing it. But you can take it if you wish, but at your own risk. At Huntfactor Adventures, a GoPro will be attached to the front part of the raft which will record the rafters’ expressions as well as the scenic beauty.

Leh Bike Tours

River Rafting is not suitable for patients suffering from heart problems, high or low blood pressure, or asthma.

What to Wear?

Loose, comfortable clothes. Preferably, synthetic clothes so that your clothes don’t absorb water during splashes.

How many friends can raft at a time?

There are two types of rafts-

  • Sharing Raft – You share your raft with other people. A total of six people are carried on a raft.
  • Exclusive Raft – The raft is exclusively for two people. The rower rows the boat and their is complete privacy.

Equipments used in Paragliding

  • Safety helmet
  • Life-Jacket
  • Paddle
  • Raft

Instructor Qualifications

  • The instructor must have completed the Advanced course in River Rafting. Also, he must be certified to take other people for rafting.
  • He should be clear and fluent in the language you understand so that you can follow instructions easily.

For safe and quality River Rafting adventure, click here – http://www.huntfactor.com/tours/river-rafting

What if the weather is adverse?

River Rafting is not so much of a weather-dependent activity. Operators will be able to tell if rafting can be done It can be done during rains because the raft has an outlet but certainly not during July-September.

Do operators provide flight photos/videos?

Yes, they do provide photos and videos after paying some extra money.

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