Paragliding in Manali

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Paragliding is the most exciting and sensational adventure in Manali. No wonder people rate paragliding as the best part of their trip.

First, the expert paraglider and you jump from the hills, you scream, the parachute opens, you still scream, then you are stunned by the beauty of God’s creations, above the teeny tiny world, amongst the greenest meadows, whitest snow, mightiest mountains and you. This is how paragliding is defined in Manali.

Paragliding in Dobhi and Solang Valley

Locations in Manali

  • Solang Valley (11 km from Manali)

  • Raisan-Dobhi (21 km from Manali)

  • Kullu (43 km from Manali)

  • Road connecting Kullu to Manali

Seasons Best Suited

Paragliding is popular during January-May and October-December

Paragliding is prohibited during the monsoon seasons i.e. June to September.

Difficulty Level


You only have to follow the instructions and enjoy the beautiful views.

Safety Guidelines

  • The guide must at least be P3 certified (International certification) and must possess the required skills.

  • Make sure that a safety parachute is also carried by the guide.

  • Make sure you understand the instructions well.

Age Limit

12 years and above.

If the person is below 18 years of age, parent’s/guardian’s consent is required.

Weight Limit

Between 35 kg and 90 kg

Is it scary?

After paragliding, one of our customers Noopur Mehta shared her experience- “I was so damn scared in the beginning, I felt like I’ll fall the next moment, but during the flight, I felt so happy and peaceful, nothing to say of the beauty. It took my breath away because it was so joyous, so calm. I felt like I can forever live in the air.”

Best time of the day to paraglide?

Broad daylight
Paragliding is best to do during mornings and afternoons.

Make it your first activity
Paragliding is an extremely weather dependent activity and thus at a high risk of getting cancelled. Make it your first adventure so that you may have to postpone it but not cancel it.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes, you can. It’ll be better if the camera has straps and still it remains risky. GoPro works the best.

Can non-flying friends watch the take-off, flight and landing?

Yes, in most cases, it is visible. However, at some sites it may not be visible.

Health Check

Paragliding is not suitable for patients suffering from heart problems, high or low blood pressure, or asthma.

What to Wear?

Comfortable clothes and sport shoes. Full body clothing are better-suited. GoPro can also be worn.

Can I fly at the same time as friends?

To maintain safety, the take off takes place one-by-one.

The parachute’s direction completely depends on the wind and the person’s movement, both of which are variable and rarely controllable.. Therefore, more number of parachutes can hamper safety.

Equipments used in Paragliding

  • Safety Helmet

  • Reserve Parachute

  • Harness

  • Paraglider

  • GoPro (optional, at an extra cost)

Instructor Qualifications

  • The instructor must at least be P3 certified.

  • He should be clear and fluent in the language you understand.

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What if the weather is adverse?

The operator may either postpone the activity or refund the money instantly as per the customer’s schedule.
Paragliding is an extremely weather dependent activity. We have witnessed cases in which it gets cancelled after reaching the site. This generally happens when the wind speed is at its extremes.

Do operators provide flight photos/videos?

Yes, they do provide photos and videos after paying some extra money.

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