9 Romantic Activities for Honeymoon in Manali

Honeymoon planning can often be a tedious task. Manali is a well-known and a paradise for those willing to explore it. The most romantic of couples rate Manali as the best spot for honeymooners. Nature lovers, adventure seekers, peace makers all find their niches. Its so cold here that its easy to hold hands. Manali gifts a little more to all its visitors.
More snow, more greens, more love, more fun, more beauty.
Good vibes, bigger ideas!

9. Camping

Camping in Hamta Valley

Camping is exciting. Camping is fun. Camping is wild. And yet, camping is romantic. Amidst snow-clad mountains, the colour changing sky, near the fireplace and the serene environs of one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’ll be the same days, the same nights for the rest of the world but a mind blowing adventure for the two of you.

8. Visit to National Park


The pure air and freshness of Manali is loved by both plants and animals, which becomes the reason for its large number of National Parks in and around Manali. Since each of them are far from each other you may have to select from them. The most well known National Parks are Pin Valley National Park, Great Himalayan National Park and Tirthan Valley.

7. Meal at a Delightful Restaurant


Manali is known for its famous cafes and restaurants. In Old Manali, you will come across beautiful places for eateries. These cafes are a little offbeat in their style and provide world class food. Lazy Dog, Pizza Olive, Johnson’s Cafe, Red House Cafe and Cafe 1947 are amongst the best.

6. River Rafting

couple river rafting

River rafting is like you-went-to-Manali-and-didn’t-do-river-rafting-? sort of a thing. And that’s so because of a good number of reasons. Nowadays, at some places you get an exclusive raft for just the two of you. The calm of the waters and the gushing of the waters will fill the gaps between your voices, the things you could never say. It is a exciting and fun adventure and a good choice when you want to indulge in some light-hearted adventure.
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5. Trek to Jogini Falls

trek to Jogini Waterfalls manali

A nice, gentle trek with majestic landscapes. The trek area is very close to Manali unlike many other treks. The route is beautiful and the Beas river is visible during the trek and ends in a gorgeous waters of the Jogini falls. You will get to see both village life and tourist spots during the trek and plenty of time to bond and know one another.
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4. Snow Play


Okay, I don’t need to explain what fun that is going to be. You have a nature’s playground, creativity is all yours! Because the snowball fights are the best fights. Discover the wonder of snow and the reason why your favourite game is even more fun in the snow. For snow play and other fun activities you may visit Rohtang pass or the Hamta Valley. There are a lot of new things the snow has to teach you. You can indulge in a variety of sports like skiing, snowboarding and snow walking.

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3. Paragliding

4 Paragliding Dobhi Manali Solang

Paragliding is only as tempting as flying in the air, over glorious mountains, among green meadows, just you and your lover.
Its an adventure you will remember till you grow old and tease each other about the way they screamed and their scary face. It is that one thing that never fails on a honeymoon trip.

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2. Walk all the way to Hadimba Devi Temple

hadimba/ Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Hadimba Devi is considered of high regard in Manali. The pagoda shaped temple is one of the most famous temples in Manali. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that she was considered a ‘Rakshasi’. She is the wife of Bheem from Mahabharat.

You are sure to encounter many other couples walking barefoot on the road to Hadimba Devi Temple to seek her blessings. The road to the temple in slightly steep and has a good number of stairs.
But in the end, its all worthwhile between the tall deodar trees, it proves to be a perfect place for honeymoon photos.

1. Igloo Stay


What better way than to spend your honeymoon than in an Igloo! The cold outside, a little warm inside, snowy beds, snowy dining tables, away from the crowd. Igloo stay is romance with a twist of a wild experience, romance of another level!

Igloo stay is provided by only a few operators.
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