Our aim is to provide adventures with proper safety.

Mohit Prateek

Mohit is an Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay. He has had an aversion towards adventure since childhood and likes to work in a systematic yet fun way. He has completed Basic and Advanced Mountaineering Courses from ABVIMAS and Basic Skiing Course from IISM Gulmarg. His vision is to provide safe and quality adventures without compromising on its thrill. To him, adventure is all about exploring one’s self to new possibilities.


Sahil Chowfla
Born and raised in the Indian Western Himalayans, Sahil has experience in leading group tours and itineraries at high altitudes and over mountain passes. Highly knowledgeable in Indian geography and Himalayan mountains, he has traveled extensively throughout India, including Northern India, Ladakh, Kashmir and Andaman island. He’s certified in mountaineering and water sport courses and an experienced climber above 6000 meters. Sahil is great with people and loves the opportunity of sharing experiences that tour leading brings.

Vikram is a certified Mountaineering and Skiing Instructor and has five years of experience. He has a diploma in skiing from Snow Secure Finland and Winter Sports Club, Manali. He has scaled eight peaks of height greater than 6000 metres in the mighty Himalayas. If you are learning from him, you will appreciate the art of mountaineering. He has led many Leh bike tours over the past 7 years and has good relations and friends along the Manali-Leh Road. He is very humble and replies to every question with a proverb.

Tanmayi Gidh

Tanmayi is an Arts graduate from Pune fond of writing and adventure. She loves cycling over different terrains and rock climbing as also other Himalayan endeavours. She loves to try a hand at the many adventures out there and hopes to combine both her passions by sharing these experiences through her travelogues.

Sangeet Chowlfa

Sangeet Chowfla

A global CEO with 3 decades of broad, diversified experience covering P&L management, general management, product management, sales and venture capital investing,. Extensive international experience in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Residence in India, Dubai, Greece, Germany, Singapore and the US.